The RCF Evox 8 Column Array

 Evox 8 is a portable compact size sound reinforcement system. Evox 8 combines the quality and reliability of RCF transducers with a very high amplification power. The system features eight 2.0” full range transducers in the line source satellite and a deep sounding 12” woofer in a bass reflex enclosure. The system is designed to be the perfect high output solution for live music and DJs. The unique vocal attitude and SPL make Evox 8 the perfect tool for larger presentations, corporate events and congresses.





LD Systems CURV 500 TS Complete Compact Touring Array PA System

 The LD Systems CURV 500® Touring Array System is compact, highly portable, modular, and fully scalable, with up to 4 interlocking aluminum unibody line array elements operating through a SmartLink® plug-and-play adapter. It comes equipped with 2 standard CURV satellites that feature a single 4" midrange plus a triple 1" high frequency drivers employing LD Systems' WaveAhead® technology, along with 2 duplex satellites for twice the speaker complement.





DB Tech Ingenia Column Arrays


 The INGENIA IG1 T is equipped with 2x6.5"premium low frequency transducers and 1 1"compression driver.


The INGENIA IG3 T 1800w is equipped with 2 premium 10" low frequency transducers and 1 1.4"compression driver. 

All models of the series are designed to work individually, but they can also be coupled by simply turning one speaker upside down and placing it upon the other one.

DB Tech K5 Line Array and Sub 918

Featuring a Class-D 500 W RMS Digipro® G3 digital amplifier, DVA K5 is capable to reach up to 129 dB SPL and aims to inherit the success of the earliest model of the series DVA T4. The new DVA line array module comprises 2 x 1,4”compression drivers, a 6.5” neodymium midrange and a 8” neodymium woofer. Thanks to FIR filters technology, a new dual rotary encoder DSP user interface allows an extremely precise system tuning. The module’s electronics and components are housed in a sturdy polypropylene box, reinforced with an internal anti-vibration metal structure that allows the cabinet to achieve an excellent acoustic response.

Designed for ground stacked applications, SUB 900 is the perfect choice whenever a powerful lower extension is required.SUB 918 is equipped with a single 18" premium woofer housed into a bass-reflex design.A 900 W RMS Class D Digipro G3 power amplifier ensures advanced efficiency as well as forcible sound pressure levels up to 134 dB. 


 EV ZLX-12 1000w 12in w/DSP $15

EV ZLX-15 1000w 15in w/DSP $20

Drum Monitor package 1 ZLX-12 1000w top & 1 Yamaha DXS 15 1000w Sub $60






Allen & Heath SQ-5 48-channel 96K Digital Mixer 

48-channel Digital Mixer, with 17 Faders, 6 Fader Layers, 32 x 32 USB Interface, and Network Audio Support $45


Allen & Heath Qu-SB 16-channel Portable Digital Mixer with 16 AnalogiQ Preamps $30

Allen & Heath AB168 16x8 Digital Stage Box for Qu for 32ch


Midas MR18 18-channel Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer 

18-input/6-bus $20


Midas M32C 40-channel Digital Rackmount Mixer 

40-input, 25-bus $30


Midas M32R LIVE 40-channel Digital Mixer 40-channel Digital Mixing Console with 16 Midas Preamps, 25 Mix Buses $40

Midas DL32 32-input / 16-output Stage Box for use with MR32, M32C & X32






NOTE:System Packages & Labor included in system packages are for 1 band 3hr in town (within 25 miles of St. Paul 50mi RT $.25 per mile after that & $20 per HR Travel time after first 1.5hrs of travel) performance. System Packages also include all F.O.H wiring, microphones, mic stands and stage wiring.