System #1 The Triple 12


The Triple 12 is a fantastic little system for those small Clubs,Vfw's, Legions ect where space is an issue but you still want some good low end. This system includes 2 Behringer B1200D Pro 500w Subs per side with 1 Alto TS 312 1000w Mid-Hi per side.



System #2 The Double 15

The Double 15 is a perfect system for Mid size Clubs, Private Partys, Weddings Ect  This system includes 1 Yamaha DXS 15 1000w Sub per side toped with EV ZLX 15 1000w Mid Hi per side. 



System #3 The Avante 18

The Avanti 18 is one of our newest systems and has a wide range of applications. Indoor and small outdoor events this system will cover iHt. This system includes 1 Avanti A18S 1600w Sub per side and 1 Avanti A15 1200w 2-way Bi Amped Mid-HI per side

System #4 The Avanti 18+

The Avante 18+ is the same as the Avante 18 only 1 A18s sub added per side for some more low end.

System #5 The EV Avante Double 18 4way

The EV Avante Double 18 4-Way is a perfect system for your Large Indoor, Tent, Med Large outdoor event. This system includes 2 Avante A18s Subs per side toped with EV's Flagship ELX 35P 2000w  3-Way Mid Hi's.