The Team

TR Productions is an independent low-budget movie team formed in 2002, although most of the teammembers have been making movies since 1999. TR Productions specializes in horror, action and splatter movies, although there have been ventures outside those three genres, most of which team members prefer left unmentioned. We are located in the Naantali-Turku area, southwest Finland. TR Productions has made over 30 short films and prior to Parasite Quarantine, one full-lenght feature, TNT: Merchants of death, which has been released on DVD and has gotten good reviews in the Finnish independent movie scene. TNT can be considered as a prelude to Parasite Q, since making it we learned a great deal about making a full-lenght movie, and also made tons of contacts that proved essential when working on Parasite Q.

Cast & Crew of Parasite Q

Name: Esa Jussila
Occupation: Director, writer, editor, cinematographer, FX-man, actor, all-around asshole
Role in Parasite Q: Along with other shit, plays a role of "Doctor"
Favourite movies: Dead-trilogy, The Beyond, Suspiria, anything with Steven Seagal
Info: A long-time gorehound and horror freak, admires italian horror directors and craves for blood in movies. Has his hands on pretty much everything behind the camera, from setting up lights to splattering blood on the poor actors. A fan of Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci, which shows quite a bit in Parasite Q, be it in the form of long dollyshots and coloured lights, or the extreme prolonged gore scenes. Has earned the the nickname "Der Fuhrer of the set" from the rest of the crew.
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Name: Kuisma Väänänen
Occupation: Actor, webmaster, graphic artist, PR manager
Role in Parasite Q: "Pekkala"
Favourite movies: Saving private Ryan, 300, 80's action
Info: One of the founders of TR Productions (along with Esa Jussila, Joonas Karjalainen and Jere Ritari) His main jobs in the team are acting and desigining posters and websites for TR. He's a sucker for war movies, and not so much for gore or splatter. He's the one complaining to Esa about splattering too much blood and gore in our films...
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Name: Jere Ritari
Occupation: Actor
Role in Parasite Q: "Koskinen"
Favourite movies: Casino, Se7en and American history X
Info: The actor of choice for many TR Productions. Almost always plays the lead, which makes other actors a bit disgruntled. A raving lunatic that loves the taste of alcohol. Pretty often appears on the set with a huge hangover.
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Name: Petri Hagström
Occupation: Actor
Role in Parasite Q: "Rantanen"
Favourite movies: Unknown
Info: A new acquintance for TR Productions, with Rantanen in Parasite Q being his debut role. Has impressed the team with his acting skills, and will hopefully be seen in forthcoming films from TR Productions.
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Name: Antti Tulonen
Occupation: Actor
Role in Parasite Q: "Medic"
Favourite movies: Battle Royale, Brotherhood of War, One Hour Photo, Cliffhanger and Shaun of the Dead
Info: This Findie scene notable first appeared in a supporting role in TR's first full-lenght feature, TNT: Merchants of death. In Parasite Q, he has been given a larger role to carry. His other acting experience includes stagework at the City Theater of Sauvo. He has also founded Findiepedia, a pedia about Finnish independent movie scene.
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Name: Jarno Pietikäinen
Occupation: Actor, Co-producer
Role in Parasite Q: "Aaltonen"
Favourite movies: Van Helsing, anything by Tarantino... also, anything with a big Hollywood star in it. Really.
Info: Has been with TR pretty much through the whole time the team has existed. Hates getting blood or any other kind of mess on him, but just loves to play tough characters. Hates low-budget movies generally, yet seems to be quite fond of making them.
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Name: Eemil Tuominen
Occupation: Actor
Role in Parasite Q: "Lahti"
Favourite movies: Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump
Info: Parasite Q is Eemil's second movie with TR Productions. He, like Antti Tulonen, had a supporting role in TNT, it was a good experience and we decided we wanted to work with him again. So, he was brought to play a role in this one as well. A good and versatile actor.
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Name: Artturi Rosten
Occupation: FX artist, actor
Role in Parasite Q: A zombie
Favourite movies: Dawn of the dead ('78), Suspiria, Keoma, Cradle of Fear, The Beyond
Info: The Director and FX artist of ATH Productions. Was brought along by Esa Jussila to provide assistance on some of the more complicated FX sequences. Has been called "Finland's Rob Bottin". Gets a lot of shit from other crew members for being a bit bald. A good FX artist, even though he is a bit too ambitious at times...
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Name: Michael Law
Occupation: Composer, sound desinger
Favourite movies: Lord of the Rings trilogy, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and Forrest Gump
Info: A great Finnish composer. He composed the soundtrack to the original "Parasiitti" short film, and we wanted to have him on this one as well. Has a lot of experience in film music and sound design, and thus it can be considered a feat to have him involved in the movie. His website.

Minor role actors

Ossi Väänänen - Chief of medical staff
Jukka Viikeri Medic #1
Onni Kaskinen - Medic #2


Rami Airola
Eeli Hallikainen
Taneli Heikkinen
Onni Kaskinen
Sami Karisto
Niko Keski-Pukkila (RIP)
Ossi Keskisarja
Aslan Lehtola
Henri Marttila
J. M. K. Pirttikangas
Jere Ritari
Johannes Rojola
Artturi Rosten
Martti Sinnelä
Antti Tulonen
Jaakko Tuominen
Lassi Tuominen
Tomi Tuominen
Juho Tuovila
Kuisma Väänänen