The Story

8 Days ago:
A crew of seven men is sent out on an experimental training mission out to the archipelago of southern Finland.

2 Days ago:
All communications to the training mission crew are lost. A rescue team is sent out.

20 hours ago:
Rescue team returns. 5 of the training missions' soldiers have been killed on the island. One is severely wounded and dies on the helicopter ride to base. Only the leader of the team survives, yet is severely wounded.

18 hours ago:
The chief of medical staff orders an autopsy on the KIA soldier, supervised by the chief himself. He is accompanied by two experienced medics and a guarding soldier. The Chief of medical staff leaves the autopsy early and orders a quarantine on the base. The body and the soldiers accompanying him disappear, and the base is put on lockdown. Power is cut, as well as all communications to the outside world.

8 hours ago:
Power returns. A group of 6 soldiers wake up in the seemingly empty military base, still under lockdown. They may be the only ones alive, but they are not alone...