Welcome to the official website of the film Parasite Quarantine

Parasite Quarantine is a independent horror/action movie from TR Productions. This site offers vast information about the movie, its background and the official PC game based on the movie.


18.10.2007: We have released a demo version of the official "Parasite Quarantine" game. Please go to the game-page for further information.
- Kuisma Väänänen, Webmaster

9.10.2007: The site is now online, but as you can propably see, it is still under construction. Parasite Q is now completely edited and we have relased the offical trailer of the movie. You can see it from the media-page. Enjoy!
- Kuisma Väänänen, Webmaster

27.9.2007: Right now large parts of the movie have been edited, and we have one scene remaining to be shot. A full trailer of the movie should be out soon.
- Esa Jussila, Director

If you like to see the fullsize poster, click here.