Urban Savages

urban1Urban Savages is the first Zen film by TR Productions. In essence, a Zen film is one that’s shot without a script, relying only on spontaneous creativity and improvisation. In addition, Urban Savages is the first film we shot in HD, and in 2.35:1 aspect ratio, which is a noticeable step up from the grainy DV look of Kätkö and Parasite Quarantine.

The story of Urban Savages follows several individuals in a life of crime, divided into three themes; Greed, madness and revenge, each of the three representing one of the main characters. Originally the movie was meant to be a sleazy shocker, but in the end it gravitated more towards a straight up action/crime film, and some of the shock scenes ended up being cut out.

urban2The production of Urban Savages is probably the fastest TR Productions has done so far, with the movie shot in 20 days of shoot, spread over a span of 3 months, with essentially only a week of pre-production, and an editing phase of 3 months.

Style-wise, Urban Savages is a departure from the surrealist themes of Kätkö and Parasite Quarantine. The visuals and the score of the movie channel the spaghetti westerns of 60’s and 70’s; Keoma, Django, and the films by Sergio Leone, with a hint of Dead Man on the soundtrack. By bringing western aesthetics into a battle based in modern urban decay, we have hopefully created a movie that’s both unique and entertaining.