TNT: Merchants of Death | Movie reviews

(Review of the festival version)

TNT starts with a bang. Fast action, shootouts, body count...excellent!

The plot of the movie is pure 80's action, which is something that should be ressurrected in the indie scene! The plot works well and there are no slow moments, the film keeps moving all the time.

The main character acts well, even though there are some rough spots. Kuisma Väänänen, who plays his partner, is good as well, even though both of them could do even better. The main baddie and his long-haired henchman are also very believable and play their roles with gusto. And the Johannes Rojola, who gets beaten by the main character, gets a full ten for his perfomance, it was a pleasure to watch. Also the cameo by Count Splattenstein was truly awesome. There are large amounts of extras in the larger scenes, which was a positive surprise. The battle scene in the woods with tons of soldiers was something truly great!

The photography and editing of the movie work very well. I like fast and shaky cinematography, so no complaints there! In TNT the "modern" shaky cinmatography works very well and brings a good feel to the action scenes.

Terrorist getting his throat cut etc. gore FX were splendid, blood flies, falls, drips and splatters very satisfyingly. Although, as a gore person I must say there could and should've been more, or at least something more special... maybe in the DVD version?

The explosions and other CG effects were incredible, they worked very well and looked damn good, more of this to findie action!

The musics were also good, especially the theme song of the movie, which might just be the best music in any independent movie I have heard... it was truly incredible...which is why I have it on my computer :P

In the end, it's a goddamn good movie, that suffers only from a bit uneven acting. TR guys can act well, so why didn't they use all their talent in TNT?

Without doubt one of the best independent action movies ever! 4/5


"Tough-as-nails action: humour, blood, shootouts... Best TR movie so far" 9/10
- Artturi Rosten,