katko1Kätkö is TR Productions’ entry on a Findie co-op project, in which several film crews shot their own versions of an original script by Rauli Ylitalo. The original version of the script was rather comedy-oriented, but every team was given a lot of creative control over it, which lead to us changing it quite a bit, essentially turning a lighthearted crime movie into a surreal gorno nightmare.

The story of the short film follows a smalltime crook, who’s given a suitcase which he’s supposed to hide at a desolate cabin. Things of course don’t go quite as planned, as he’s confronted by a hillbilly neighbor, one whose behavior starts to get gradually more and more aggressive…

katko2Kätkö was shot in only two days, with only two locations, first being the High tech center in Turku, and second being the cabin. Despite the fast schedule and some technical difficulties, the movie achieved the desired look and feel. To give it a grindhouse feel, we used only synth tracks and progressive rock as the soundtrack, and the on-location lighting was deliberately over the top, with strong contrasts and extreme colored lighting. The movie was shot with two cameras, a Panasonic NV-GS70 and a Canon XM2, which lead to some inconsistencies in picture quality.