TR Productions has produced over 30 short films and 4 full length movies. This page offers an overview of our film catalogue.

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Burden posterMyrsky tiimalasissa, 2010


A post-apocalypse film.







Urban Savages posterUrban Savages, 2009


An experimental crime drama, Urban Savages is both the first Zen film by TR Productions, as well as the first film to be shot on HD. It’s a gritty yet cartoonish presentation of the corrupting nature of the life of crime, mixed with surrealism and extreme violence.



Parasite Quarantine poster Parasite Quarantine, 2007


The sequel to the short film Parasiitti (2004), and TR Productions’ most successful film so far, Parasite Qurantine is an old-school zombie horror film in the vein of 80’s Italian zombie cult films. The movie follows a group of soldiers locked up in an abandoned military facility filled with the undead. Loaded with over-the-top visuals and gore, Parasite Quarantine has won critics over internationally, and received glowing reviews.


Katko posterKätkö/Hidden, 2007


TR Productions’ entry to the Findie co-op project, Kätkö is without doubt the most visceral version of Rauli Ylitalo’s original script. A mix of surreal giallo visuals and Hostel-styled torture porn, Kätkö is definitely not for the faint of the heart.



TNT: Kuoleman kauppiat posterTNT: Merchants of death, 2006


TR Productions’ first full-length feature, TNT: Merchants of death is an adrenaline filled action romp in the vein of Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris films of the 90’s. Filled with shootouts, martial arts fights and splattering blood, TNT: Merchants of death is a treat for fans of old-school action!



Perjantai posterPerjantai, 2006


Perjantai is a youth drama short co-produced with Findustrial films. It's the only pure drama movie by TR Productions, and it received excellent reviews back when it was released.





Painajaisten yo posterPainajaisten yö, 2005


A short horror film originally shot for the IIK! -horror festival but never screened there, Painajaisten yö tells a tale of an arrogant teenage boy whose walk home turns into a night of terror.





Blood Money posterBlood Money, 2005


One of TR Productions' earlier success stories, Blood Money is a crime short that's filled with action and adrenaline despite its extremely low budget.





Parasiitti posterParasiitti, 2004


TR Productions' first larger production, Parasite is a classical gore horror film loaded with blood and tension, and notable for the fact that it spawned the acclaimed full-lenght sequel, Parasite Quarantine.