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Interviews in magazines


Keskisuomalainen, 2.2.2011


Rannikkoseutu, 7.5.2010

Aamuset, 5.5.2010

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Rannikkoseutu, 15.5.2009

Turun Sanomat, 11.5.2009

l12 l11

Aamuset, 6.5.2009

Kaupunkiuutiset, 6.5.2009

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Kaupunkiuutiset, 6.5.2009

Blood Ceremony Magazine, 1.12.2008

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Helsingin Sanomat, 26.2.2008

Turun Sanomat, 11.2.2008

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City, 31.1.2008

Rannikkoseutu, 17.10.2006

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Rannikkoseutu, 7.4.2006

Turun Sanomat Extra, 26.3.2006

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On the web


Storm in an hourglass on Quiet Earth
Parasite Quarantine on the Zombie Movie Database
Parasite Quarantine on
Parasite Quarantine on Synergy magazine
Parasite Quarantine on Blog of the living dead (på Svenska)


Sumua perjantaina (elokuva-podcast)






Painajaisten yö Findie the Beginning, Tampere 19.11.2005
Perjantai Findie goes Naantali 01.04.2006
TNT: Merchants of Death Premiere, Naantali 05.10.2006
TNT: Merchants of Death Findie-show, Helsinki 06.10.2006
TNT: Merchants of Death Findie-show, Jyväskylä 25.11.2006
Painajaisten yö & Perjantai Vapaa-aika Tulli, Naantali 31.01.2007
Parasite Quarantine Crews premiere, Naantali 27.12.2007
Parasite Quarantine Premiere, Naantali 11.01.2008
Parasite Quarantine University of Turku (Kinokopla), Turku 13.02.2008
Parasite Quarantine Club Undead, Turku 12.04.2008
Parasite Quarantine Kela-show, Jyväskylä 24.05.2008
Parasite Quarantine Inferno -club, Jyväskylä 30.10.2008
Urban Savages Crews premiere, Naantali 18.04.2009
Urban Savages Premiere, Turku 11.05.2009
Myrsky tiimalasissa Crews premiere, Naantali 24.04.2010
Myrsky tiimalasissa Premiere, Turku 05.05.2010
Myrsky tiimalasissa Indiependent Movie/Music Festival, Hämeenlinna 03.07.2010
Myrsky tiimalasissa RUMAKINO: Myrsky tiimalasissa, Jyväskylä 27.01.2011
Myrsky tiimalasissa Trash & Underground Film Festiva, Tampere 12.03.2011
Viimeiset olkiukot Taideakatemian Yö! (premiere), Turku 17.11.2011
Goremageddon Cinemadrome 3 (premiere), Tampere 18.11.2011


If you represent a festival or an organisation interested in screening one of our movies, please contact!