Short history of TR Productions

tr logoTR Productions is an filmmaking team formed in 2002. Originally named Tascuraha (pocket money) Productions, TR specialises in action and horror films.

The origins of TR Productions date back to 1999, when Esa Jussila got his first camcorder, a Hi8 Sony Handycam. This lead to the core crew, Esa Jussila, Kuisma Väänänen, Jere Ritari and Joonas Karjalainen shooting a bunch of comedy and action videos, as well as stunt clips, mainly for fun. Even back then, the TR crew was not afraid of controversy, leading the young filmmakers to a lot of trouble as they showed the controversial comedy/drama Juhomovie in their school. After five minutes, the screening was interrupted by the school principal, most likely due to the subject matter of the movie (Juhomovie was a short film about a retarded young boy being raped by his father).

sota1In 2002, Jarno Pietikäinen joined up, and TR Productions was formed, with the team's first movie being the war comedy Sotaelokuva. With Sotaelokuva, the films of TR began gravitating more towards splatter, horror and action, and away from (non)innocent comedy. This marked the end of TR Productions' home video era, as the team slowly proceeded to pursue more filmic values amongst the bloodletting. Sotaelokuva was also the first film to be edited digitally and receive a release on the internet. In less than a year, TR became a profilic and well-known filmmaking crew in the Finnish independent film scene.

para1The next big step for TR Productions came in 2004, in the form of the shortfilm Parasiitti. It was a step to a more professional production, with a thought-out screenplay, a built set and a large amount of practical FX. It was also the first movie to be shot on digital video, with the (then) new Panasonic NV-GS70. More digitally shot short films would follow, reinforcing the reputation of TR Productions, even despite the varying quality of the movies (with Velanperijä and Saalis being so bad they never received a wide internet release). The youth drama Perjantai, co-produced with Findustrial films, marked the end of an era. Despite the praise the short film received, a large part of the team was severely dissatisfied with it. Shortfilms felt pointless, and Perjantai went to prove that, despite having the chops for it, the TR crew, especially Esa Jussila, had no more interest in making low-key drama.

paraqAfter Perjantai, TR Productions jumped to producing full-lenght feature films, first being the action film TNT: Merchants of Death. As the first full-lenght feature, it was not without flaws, largely caused by the troubled production and technical failures. It was a learning experience, and with the lessons learned, TR Productions went to produce the critically successful zombie horror film Parasite Quarantine.

TR Productions has come a long way, from making silly home videos to shooting splatter films in the woods, to producing full-lenght feature films shot on HD. It's been a long journey, which, with several projects underway, is showing no signs of ending anytime soon.